What are the causes and treatment of skin wrinkles

The skin that do not heal from the inside is the skin quickly, not opinion? Precisely for this reason the house “Girl” to carry out many of the research, with emphasis on the role of small cuts (small molecular infect the skin tissue) in the formation of wrinkles in the loss intensifying, a specialist in the treatment of skin and rebuild tissue, the ability healing amazing bee products, and made the house a catalyst innovative skincare effect and corrector for wrinkles. In 2013 and developed a program of care new consists of three creams: cream status renewed skin.

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Brings to the skin lax cohesion and polished features and comforts through a program consisting of three steps are: nourishing day cream nourishing day cream tightens facial features and improves clearly brighter skin and reduces impurities and leaves fed heavily and was holding it. The skin looks tight and dense and restores the suppleness and resistance and its ability to fluoresce face look young and renewed and sunshine.

It also bathes the skin in a temperate climate and soothing moisturizer gives them comfort and attended to put make-up process. Nourishing night cream nothing compares to relax at night to comfort and restore fullness and elasticity to the skin and allow it to renewal.

And nourishing night cream gives superior comfort for the skin and provides them with the essential elements of the transformation witnessed in the night in terms of intensifying.

Night after night, is enhanced by the intensity of the skin and flexibility and face and regain his youth renewed. care cream neck and hand, upper chest with Protection Index degree 15 SPF 15 smoothes care cream neck and on the upper chest region and was holding it, as well as tightens the facial features, and protects it from environmental factors harmful through Index degree of protection 15 SPF 15 which helps to avoid the appearance of dark spots.
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The skin regains its intensification and maintains their shape day after day. Keywords: Last versions of beauty, with patches of skin, skin with wrinkles, skin with cost, skin care, in the fifties and older


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