Diagnosis skin disease-Truth About Cellulite

Due to these reasons, it is important and necessary for the diagnosis of each case by itself and determine the type of inflammation that belong to him, although the symptoms may be very similar in both types, which are difficult to diagnosis. But what he can to help in the diagnostic process is the history of the disease (Anamnesis) data – Is the disease appeared to all the workers who have touched these materials, or with only some of them?

Well, it may be useful, in the process of diagnosis, control and monitoring of “behaviors” symptoms of the disease (for example, in irritability first remains inflammation confined to the area of direct contact with the material only, while in inflammation allergic there is a tendency to spread the rash to other areas in addition to the contact area direct). Post View by Truth About Cellulite

It also can be used, too, examines the special laboratory – test patch (Patch Test), which is a positive outcome in the case of Allergic (Allergic contact dermatitis), and negative in the case of the initial irritation caused by a chemical substance (Primary irritation).

Causative factors for skin infections other can be varied and different, but the name does not reflect the disease, always, for the inflammatory nature of the disease. On the other hand, emphasizes the names of others of these diseases has been prominent inflammatory nature.

The treatment of skin infections, Treat infections of the skin (Dermatitis)
Respect to the treatment of dermatitis nature of the disease. Symptoms can be treated topically by using moisturizing creams steroid (Steroid) in severe cases, steroid creams or at least in the cases separately and are not accompanied by excretion.

Sometimes there may be no escape from the use of corticosteroids for treatment in general (tablets or injections). As in allergic inflammation, the key element is to detect the cause of the inflammation and avoid contact, to avoid injury allergic inflammation.


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