Latest Reviews-Joey atlas-Rash on the skin

Rash (rash) is an emergence of injuries to limited areas on the surface of the skin as a result of abnormal changes in the skin. These injuries may appear along the lines of the changes in skin color, or be elevated from the level of the surface of the skin, with a solid or liquid content (blisters or bubbles).
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In some cases, it may appear on these injuries minor changes, such as the emergence of the crust, bushing, corrosion, burns, scars or signs of itching. There are cases where skin rashes spread and extended to large areas of the skin and in other cases are concentrated on a small area of skin or leather on several areas.

Includes the diagnosis of rashes several steps: at first, are recognized on the type of initial infection, minor changes, size, color, surface and border (it is the definition of the limits of the injury whether regular or irregular, sharp and clear or integrated with the limits of the surrounding skin injury)


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