Most convenient time for anti-cellulite-Acne no More Review

The most convenient time for anti-cellulite self-massage – after a bath or shower, preferably at a time when you are relaxed. If you are tense or in a hurry, it is better to postpone the massage at a good time – when you are under stress, vessels constrict and the effect of massage is much lower.There are basic massage movements, and each of these movements fulfills its function:Best Formula Acne No More Free Gel

Light stroking prepares the skin to massage movements. Squeezing, twisting, pinching, all kinds of kneading destroy and dissolve cellulite nodules. Stroking with pressing after each movement helps shift those harmful substances that display lymph, to the exit. If such strokes neglected, the meaning of all Massage tool is lost.

Start with the easy movement of such strokes, preparing the area for the other movementsthen the sliding movement, increasing pressure, lead to the heart, if you do a foot massage or hips, or clockwise if massaging the abdomen.
Squeeze – Grip, lifting the skin up and away. This movement can be done with your fingers or the entire palm of the hand.

Hitting – performed knuckled hands in a circular motion. If you have cellulite solid type, pressing need to follow light stroking. These are perfect for pushing the hips and abdomen.

S-shaped movement – put your hands on each other and follows the movement, bringing the S back and forth in different directions. This is quite a deep massage; you will immediately feel its mandatory action. Work slowly for best results.


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