Exercises for physical agility and muscle training with electricity

Tickle impact hydro-massage
During the first breakthrough in which they are to prepare the muscles of tension can determine the strength of electrical impulses, and this happens Baldbeb feeling, as if the muscle sleeper to wake up again.

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The coach initially moisten hyphens electric jacket hanging over the water, so that the pulses can be transferred to the major muscle group at best. The person feels cold and moisture Jacket with worn, but soon feel the heat after a few exercises, because the effect of exercise appear immediately.

“You cannot cheat,” explains Ontah Elrbruk smiling, and adds: “electrical impulses cause muscle if at all.” It is through the power supply is shrinking muscles, and thus are built and strengthened.

Even if the lie can do the exercises, but the best effect lies in the way the motor, when being athletic exercises, Ishnj muscles consciously, and raises the electric pulse of the effect of these exercises, in which a person feels it after a quarter of an hour.

In the event of a full body workout sweats one quickly, and notes the positive results quickly as well, as confirm Ontah Danlos Brook: “Our club members are telling us they feel better physical condition after three exercises, and they walk upright, and Bgesmanm feel better.” After about six or seven exercises one feels consolidating skin hands and pelvis, up the stairs and it becomes much easier.

It complements these exercises proper diet and regular exercise for blood circulation, such as running, swimming, come to a perfect result even with the weight reduction.

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But not limited to training enough EMS also confirms expert Klein Cooder, saying: “Every athlete Hao quickly to reach good results, if you train regularly, The muscles respond to exercise, regardless of how they were raised with.


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