Kyle Leon Reviews-Muscular dystrophy type

Muscular dystrophy type Becker (Becker muscular Dystrophy): This type is similar to the former type (Duchenne), but is less common and less severe, and is also affects males only afflicts about one child from among 300,000 male and why it happens is the lack of Antaúj protein Aldestrovan (dystrophin) also But the quantity produced better than Aldoshin disease.

symptoms of this type often begins in adolescence and its impact will be similar to the stages of the disease and Aldoshin but slow. Where the process begins with muscle weakness in the pelvis and then transmitted to the muscles of the shoulders and back.Kyle Leon the official website

Usually children live with type Baker period a normal life may last long and engaged in activities without the use of a wheelchair. , and the disease of genetic disease associated with sex, and so it is transmitted from the mother carrying the disease to 50% of their children male, while 50% of daughters carriers of the disease like and the rest of the family to be intact.

In many cases not be the parent carrier of the disease, but one child injured as a result of the emergence of a new mutation in the family.
Alehithel myotonic muscular (Myotonic dystrophy): Also known as a disease Stinert (Steinert’s disease) and is the most common type in adults.

With that half of the cases of infected diagnosed under the age of twenty, and the cause of injury is a partial increase in one gene at a rate more than normal.

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The symptoms appear in any stages of life and may affect children and babies if one parent is also infected and called myotonia because the muscle does not relax in the form of natural when beating them.


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