Kyle Leon Reviews-Types of muscular dystrophy disease

Affects disease muscular dystrophy on different muscle groups and causes weakness of the muscles to varying degrees. muscular dystrophy type Duchenne (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy): is the most common types of muscular dystrophy and the severity of the most part. Affects about one child out of 3,500 males

(For girls They are carrying the gene responsible for the disease, but symptoms usually do not appear in them) and therefore, this disease affects only males and rarely Tzaralaarad on females.

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It occurs because of a problem in the gene that makes dystrophin protein (dystrophin) without which the muscles deteriorate and the child feels weak.

In cases of this type of the disease, symptoms begin to appear in almost five years of age at the start of the weakness of the pelvic muscles. The needs of most children with this type of use of the chair moving in almost the age of twelve

With the passage of time, the muscles begin to shoulders, back, arms and legs are weak. In the end, the respiratory muscles become infected then has to be installed breathing apparatus. And children living with this kind of disease are living for 20 years in most cases. despite the fact that children with this type of disease have normal IQ, but it is one-third of patients also have learning difficulties and suffers from a few of them lag intellectual.
While the prevalence of the disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy known, but the prevalence of other types of muscular dystrophy is not clear because of the varying symptoms significantly between patients.

In fact, you may feel some people with mild symptoms may not be detected and diagnosed, and the disease of genetic disease associated with sex, and so it is transmitted from the mother carrying the disease to 50% of their children male, while 50% of daughters carriers
of the disease like her and the rest of the family to be intact.
In many cases not be the parent carrier of the disease, but one child injured as a result of the emergence of a new mutation in the family


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