Kyle Leon Reviews-What is the disease spinal muscular atrophy?

D help to explain a little bit about the naming of this disease. separator word “spinal muscular atrophy” (or spine) took its name from the infection of the disease of the nerves that emerge from the spinal cord in the spine. It appears in the form of atrophy of the muscles of the parties with severe muscle relaxant., And it is called in English ( Spinal Muscular Atrophy ) and abbreviated initials of each word ( SMA ) SMA disease.Kyle Leon the official website

This disease is a hereditary disease that is transmitted from one generation to another as moving other genetic traits. Genetic traits We learn from our parents, such as the color of eyes and hair. If your mother – for example – her hair blond is likely to have you blond hair.,

And the disease is transmitted diseases hereditary recessive where the parents are carriers (carriers) of the disease and the possibility that injured another child is 25% (For further explanation , see page Genetics recessive.

Also disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) makes the muscles in the bodies of people with weaker and can not be mastered them., And this sometimes means that in children with the disease (SMA) trouble breathing and swallowing problems.View more Link here

Disease muscular dystrophy spinal resulting from defect (mutation) in a gene called short SMN ( SMN ) and the information available at this time is that this gene produces Prouty n has an important role in the cell front of the spinal cord. and cell front is that control the movement of muscles in different parts of the body through the nerve fibers (as wires electricity at home) long.

When you want to move the human, for example, in the muscle cell, the front sends an electrical signal through the wire to move a muscle and atrophy at the front, the muscle cells can not move with time and automatically harbor harbor these muscles as well, and regardless of the real role of the protein product of the SMN gene, this protein is important in the continuation of the cell front in the performance of their role and with that the cells atrophy front continuous Valmassaben the burden of the disease also increases with the growth of the body and increase the muscle and the body’s need for movement. Therefore, the matter is further complicated.

With no movement and muscle atrophy in the bone fragility increases and starts to bend the spine as a result of non-performance muscle for the role, which is expected movement and maintain the tension (pulling) muscle.


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