Strengthens the muscles and maintain healthy bones-Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

After the great success of Alzumba sport fitness in South America, transmitted to the sport of swimming pools Baiqaatha coordinated to help to train a lot of muscle while maintaining the integrity of the bone.

Baigaatha harmonious and Latin music, sport Alzumba moved from dance halls to swimming pools, to increase the pleasure of swimming; especially for those who feel bored in swimming pools. Valzumba is a sport dependent on the performance of physical exercise is dancing to the rhythm of Latin music and Kalsalesa tango and samba.

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The origin of the sport goes back to South America, thanks in innovation to choreographer Colombian “Alberto Perez,” Vencian Alberto music bar your exercises fitness in one of his lessons Sports paid for the use of salsa music and Almarenga as a substitute for music usual in fitness classes, which increased vitality of the trainees and their activity, to start this sport Alzumba of Columbia and spread in different parts of the world.

Gold, harmonious and water
Zomba and multiple types Kalzubma “gold” are dedicated to the elderly. And Alzumba “harmonious and tonic” help with weight loss and strengthen the muscles of the thigh and arm.

The “Alokoazumba” means a practice Alzumba in the water, which is dedicated to exercise the muscles while maintaining the integrity of the bone, as confirming Alina Brenner specialized knowledge of the sport, she says, “Alokoazumba is a mix of fitness training, water and Alzumba traditional of dance salsa known progress right foot and then back left hand” .

To Okoazemba multiple benefits Ktencit circulation and exercise a lot of muscle Kaldhirain and legs to reach the muscles of the abdomen and back, according to Brenner also advises that the intensification of the exercises, because “the greater the intensity of exercise increased muscle training.”

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Great fun and ease of weight
And help Alokoazemba to burn 1,000 calories almost in a single session, the speed of training on the skill of coordination between the members of the body of 50 percent of the speed of training on the ground, because of the resistance of water in excess of air resistance by 12 times, which means an increase in the effort, as underscored one of the ladies practiced Alokoazumba “exercises are stressful, I try to, within the water faster more, what helps me to burn more calories.”

Alokoazumba exercises and keeps the integrity of the joints, especially for those who suffer from an increase in weight, as it softens the water pressure on the bone.
The lack of success in the performance of movements Alokoazumba accurately does not mean surrender, and every intern can do movements that suit them, Valmtah during exercise is more important than accuracy performance.


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