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Suffer many of the ladies of the problems of cellulite, which is a pools of water or fatty cause deformation of the appearance of the body or certain areas, causing a lot of anxiety, but the doctors have confirmed that it is not a disease actually or distortion of moral but is an inflammation of cellular tissue in the body, which affects women in particular and rarely affects men of different physical nature.Mike Walden Review Acne No More

Doctors described as cellulite obesity water, which is a metaphor for the gathering excessive amounts of fluid (water) in certain places and certain of the girl’s body which causes mild and obesity, which distorts the consistency of strong external and makes them satisfied and perhaps frustrated by these changes.

Big difference from most places and concentrated presence of cellulite is the rear and the thighs, hips and abdomen front page, upper back any upper rear area of the neck, and the pool water in these places causes swelling in the skin pore appears clearly so that it is similar to flog Clockwork and when you jump girl or going or moving quickly feel that something under her skin like separate from the body, and this thing is only vibrations accumulations of water under the skin of the rear or hips, which generates a feeling that there are loads of gels or obvious grouped in those place.

Doctors confirm as reported by the newspaper “Riyadh” that there is a big difference between cellulite that a metaphor for gathering water at the cellular and tissue between obesity or obesity, which is a metaphor for the gathering and the accumulation of fats in the body’s tissues and arteries and whole cells. The differences between men and women as for the reasons for the appearance of cellulite in women without men are attributable to causes the following:

Physiological composition of a woman’s body is different than a man’s body, especially at the level of hormonal secretions in the blood.

Man’s blood does not contain the type of female hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are affected by the cells of the arteries and to a large extent.

The speed of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation when the female different from that in men, and the emergence of hemorrhoids and varicose veins any inflatable anal and legs and legs when a high proportion of women compared to men is proof of that.

There are very significant shifts and nervous and hormonal occur only in a woman’s body during her menstrual cycle. View more Link here

Women less movement of the man as much as the amounts


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Doctors recommend massage place sag even improve blood circulation in the affected area, thus easing the effects of slack, as well as the development of moisturizing creams on the area helps greatly.

In addition to eating foods beneficial to the skin, such as foods containing vitamins C and E and silica that help in the formation of collagen More Sources here

On the other hand, a lot of women find a problem in the accumulation of cellulite, which makes the shape of the skin, such as orange peel, especially on the legs and buttocks area and this resulted from increased accumulation of cellulite under the skin as a result of many factors, including female hormones, age, dietary habits and lack of exercise.

The cellulite at night in adipose tissue and fat to be movement in the daytime and the following are some tips that experts given: to get rid of final:

The first advice 
Maintained perpetual motion that the full-time dancers and athletes who are just their bodies devoid of cellulite.
The reason for this is that those who remain in the case of activity throughout the day. Although that gives most of us a lot of time behind the office and even if they are able

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Cellulite is a metaphor for the accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, highlights usually at the level of the skin-like orange peel, which is a fat generally concentrated on the buttocks, legs, abdomen and upper arms.
Noticeable that affects 85% of women of all races, does not differentiate between lean or obese, but the emergence of several reasons, including what is hereditary, some of which arise as a result of a defect in the action of hormones, especially estrogen.Acne Free Treatment Acne No More

As the circulatory role in this issue, so that their work is based on the delivery of food to the surface of the skin texture through the device lymphatic system, which works on drainage Water trapped in the body and flush out toxins from the cells. It should be noted that these cells are exposed all a lot of pressure, some external natural factor of gravity and heat and pollution, and others are acquired as a credit diet is healthy and unhealthy lifestyle.

As a result, these elements all combined, contribute to slow blood circulation and disable devices discharge in the body, which causes the appearance of ripples on the surface of the skin increases with age and become entrenched difficult to get rid of them.

has appeared in the world of natural treatments and Chinese medicine techniques many, contribute to get rid of cellulite away from cosmetic surgery and the resulting side effects of interruptions from practicing the work and social life of the period.

Namely treatments effective exercise for more than 5,000 years, based on the integration of the ability of medicinal herbs massage and acupuncture to stimulate the vital body functions.

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Treatment is Chinese medicine is based generally on the principle of open channels of bioenergy that up to 12, and these channels are the focus of the heal any defect that affects the body in terms of that, in the event that one of tracks or channels to malfunction for many reasons, including psychological and other membership, it leads to stop the flow of energy, accumulate toxins in the cells, this in turn disrupts the performance of vital function.

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Experiencing close to 85% of women with cellulite problem, which lies in the accumulation of fat under the skin, which limits the cells and the skin loses its smoothness.

cellulite problem has a cure and solutions, do not let go destroys the beauty as soon as possible, and the best way for this is to follow a diet balanced and system healthy and balanced diet, of eating fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients and can be renewed dead cells, and contain a high content of antioxidants, which have a role in the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body.Many More Information here Acne No More Review

In fat cells and lead to swollen and this in turn leads to cellulite. Eat bread and whole grains are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and will help in the process of the fight against cellulite because it will give the skin a high proportion of materials that have a role in the rebuilding of new cells.

Make water your friend, It is very important that a diet containing cellulite on the abundant amount of water. If you do not you drink the water, the problem will worsen cellulite appearance and will become clearer.

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Addition to all that you need to diet and a balanced exercise for thirty minutes a day, it helps to burn fat and keep the body limber, which reduces cellulite.

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All of us, men and women, are at risk for weight problems, both for reasons of style we live, or for medical reasons and hormonal. In spite of this, you must know that it is in the majority of cases, the weight gain is due to a lack of balance between the two centers in the body:

expenditure and income. There is no need for suspicion, not available wondrous solution to weight loss. All you have to do a balance between the two centers.Acne Free Treatment Acne No More

The higher expenses from revenues, you trim better,consists center expenses of two types:
Necessary expenses: energy consumed for the functioning of vital organs permanently, to maintain body temperature at 37 ° C, the digestion process, for the growth of children and adolescents.

Variable associated with physical activity: different activities (walking, sports) associated revenue Center quantities of energy that affords us the consumption of foods and beverages (other than water).

Overweight is no need to complicate your life, the matter is simple. Either you on the stability of your weight, you earn some kilos, or refer to maintain the stability of weight to have a balance between the amounts of revenue and expenses: body just one consumes as much energy as they spend.

Indicates weight gain to a surplus in the amount of revenue compared to expenses; Provide foods and drinks a lot of energy for the body, which converts excess of this amount to a fatty substance. If weight gain occurs as a result of increased fat mass, weight loss refers to the large deficit in energy.

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So you should be less revenue than expenses. In the case of disability, the body consumes energy, which stores them in fat reserves it has. Weight Loss permission, you must start from the ease fat mass and maintain a thin mass (muscles).

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This research appears in the print publication on the Internet of an advanced nature.
“This is a new type of treatment has the potential to help a large number of patients suffering from genetic diseases different to have the same type of mutation,” says senior author H. Lee Sweeney, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania.Famous Product Dr. Charles Livingston Fat Loss Factor

This genetic defect causes from 5 to 15 percent (and in some cases up to 70 percent) of individual cases of most inherited diseases, including DMD, cystic fibrosis, and hemophilia.

The new drug, developed by the South Plainfield, New Jersey Biotechnology Company, called PTC124, binds the ribosome, a cellular component where the genetic code is translated into proteins, one amino acid at a time. The drug allows the ribosome to read through an error in the genetic code called a stop codon is premature to make proteins correctly in full.

In the Doha Ministerial Declaration, and patients who are missing dystrophin, a protein that helps keep muscle cells intact.
About 15 percent of DMD patients do not make dystrophin because of the mutation. DMD eventually affects all voluntary muscles, as well as the muscles of the heart and breathing.

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To avoid unnecessary weight set in different periods of hormonal disruptions need to focus on a healthy diet and the content therein lean protein, complex carbohydrates and lots of green vegetables.

However, if you follow these rules, but I still see at signs of cellulite, stop worrying about it. This diet helps a bit to balance hormones, but it cannot save you from the existing cellulite.
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This does not mean that you are fat, because cellulite is often a symptom of hormonal problems. Also, cellulite can be caused by improper functioning of the thyroid gland, so watch your health, and nature will take care of you.

Cellulite has affected most women – Did you know that 98 percent of women suffer from some degree of cellulite? And this so!

So why cannot we take cellulite as a physical characteristic that is responsible for the conservation of energy, instead of thinking about how we are thick and ugly unattractive? This is completely wrong opinion! And this is the proof, because 98 percent of women around the world can confirm that cellulite – normal.

Males also have cellulite – Most men have more muscle mass than women, and it provides a smaller percentage of their disease cellulite.

But some men still have cellulite! Take into account the fact that women are more likely to develop cellulite, thanks to the particular genes that are naturally prepared to store fat in case of pregnancy or hunger, as a woman should be protected from hunger not only themselves but also their child.