Kyle Leon Reviews-Types of muscular dystrophy disease

Affects disease muscular dystrophy on different muscle groups and causes weakness of the muscles to varying degrees. muscular dystrophy type Duchenne (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy): is the most common types of muscular dystrophy and the severity of the most part. Affects about one child out of 3,500 males

(For girls They are carrying the gene responsible for the disease, but symptoms usually do not appear in them) and therefore, this disease affects only males and rarely Tzaralaarad on females.

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It occurs because of a problem in the gene that makes dystrophin protein (dystrophin) without which the muscles deteriorate and the child feels weak.

In cases of this type of the disease, symptoms begin to appear in almost five years of age at the start of the weakness of the pelvic muscles. The needs of most children with this type of use of the chair moving in almost the age of twelve

With the passage of time, the muscles begin to shoulders, back, arms and legs are weak. In the end, the respiratory muscles become infected then has to be installed breathing apparatus. And children living with this kind of disease are living for 20 years in most cases. despite the fact that children with this type of disease have normal IQ, but it is one-third of patients also have learning difficulties and suffers from a few of them lag intellectual.
While the prevalence of the disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy known, but the prevalence of other types of muscular dystrophy is not clear because of the varying symptoms significantly between patients.

In fact, you may feel some people with mild symptoms may not be detected and diagnosed, and the disease of genetic disease associated with sex, and so it is transmitted from the mother carrying the disease to 50% of their children male, while 50% of daughters carriers
of the disease like her and the rest of the family to be intact.
In many cases not be the parent carrier of the disease, but one child injured as a result of the emergence of a new mutation in the family


How to diagnose the muscular disease?-Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

When the doctor suspected of infecting the child initially infected, it is likely that the disclosure of clinical work and gather information about the family tree and ask questions of the other problems associated with – especially those affecting the muscles – which is expected to be experienced by the child.

Addition to therefore, the doctor may work group analysis to determine the type of muscular dystrophy which affects the child and the exclusion of other similar diseases.

These may include tests on a blood test to measure levels of the muscle enzyme creatine kinase labeled (Creatine Kinase), a rising level of the enzyme in the blood when the deterioration of muscle fibers and high levels of this enzyme suggest that there may be cause of muscle damage.view my Blogs

The doctor may ask the patient perform a blood test for extra screening genetic material known as DNA (DNA) to verify the absence of a defect in a single gene or asked to take a biopsy (sample) of muscle to examine the tissues of the muscle and disclosure form affected by muscle and detect the protein dystrophin (Dystrophin) and is a protein that helps muscle cells keep their shape, length and without which lose their advantages and muscle deteriorate.

In addition to the detection of other muscle proteins

Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer-Disease muscular dystrophy

Disease muscular dystrophy (Muscular Dystrophy) and has the symbol MD is one of the diseases resulting from muscular dystrophy defect in the gene leads to a gradual weakening of the muscles of the body. The reason it happens is the presence of known genetic wrong or missing to prevent the body from making the proteins needed to build muscles intact and maintained.Latest Reviews Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review

Loses a child who was being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy ability gradually to do do things such as walking, sitting upright, and breathe easily and move the arms and hands. This may result in increased vulnerability to other health problems.

There are multiple types major dystrophy muscular and that may affect the muscles of the child patient with different levels of difficulty.

In some cases the onset of the disease and affects the muscles in infancy (the first year of life) while others may not show symptoms However, in the age of puberty.

Currently not available cure for the disease, but researchers are learning more and more about how fast and how to prevent the disease cured.

In addition, doctors are working to improve the functions of muscles and joints, and slow down the process of deterioration of the muscles so that children, adolescents and adults with the disease to live an active and independent as possible. What are the initial symptoms of the disease?

Usually grows children infected naturally during their early years., but with time show initial symptoms of the disease, a child with the disease may begin to falter, and ataxia (with the spacing of the feet when walking) and difficulty climbing stairs and walking on the fingertips without putting heel of the foot on the ground.

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The child finds it difficult to stand up when it is sitting Oajd difficulty in pushing things like cart or bike.
It is also common for children to show that young people with the disease to muscle hypertrophy legs, a condition called the magnitude of the false leg muscle (Calf Pseudohypertrophy) as a result of atrophy and death of muscle tissue replaced by fat

Kyle Leon Reviews-What is the disease spinal muscular atrophy?

D help to explain a little bit about the naming of this disease. separator word “spinal muscular atrophy” (or spine) took its name from the infection of the disease of the nerves that emerge from the spinal cord in the spine. It appears in the form of atrophy of the muscles of the parties with severe muscle relaxant., And it is called in English ( Spinal Muscular Atrophy ) and abbreviated initials of each word ( SMA ) SMA disease.Kyle Leon the official website

This disease is a hereditary disease that is transmitted from one generation to another as moving other genetic traits. Genetic traits We learn from our parents, such as the color of eyes and hair. If your mother – for example – her hair blond is likely to have you blond hair.,

And the disease is transmitted diseases hereditary recessive where the parents are carriers (carriers) of the disease and the possibility that injured another child is 25% (For further explanation , see page Genetics recessive.

Also disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) makes the muscles in the bodies of people with weaker and can not be mastered them., And this sometimes means that in children with the disease (SMA) trouble breathing and swallowing problems.View more Link here

Disease muscular dystrophy spinal resulting from defect (mutation) in a gene called short SMN ( SMN ) and the information available at this time is that this gene produces Prouty n has an important role in the cell front of the spinal cord. and cell front is that control the movement of muscles in different parts of the body through the nerve fibers (as wires electricity at home) long.

When you want to move the human, for example, in the muscle cell, the front sends an electrical signal through the wire to move a muscle and atrophy at the front, the muscle cells can not move with time and automatically harbor harbor these muscles as well, and regardless of the real role of the protein product of the SMN gene, this protein is important in the continuation of the cell front in the performance of their role and with that the cells atrophy front continuous Valmassaben the burden of the disease also increases with the growth of the body and increase the muscle and the body’s need for movement. Therefore, the matter is further complicated.

With no movement and muscle atrophy in the bone fragility increases and starts to bend the spine as a result of non-performance muscle for the role, which is expected movement and maintain the tension (pulling) muscle.

Strengthens the muscles and maintain healthy bones-Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

After the great success of Alzumba sport fitness in South America, transmitted to the sport of swimming pools Baiqaatha coordinated to help to train a lot of muscle while maintaining the integrity of the bone.

Baigaatha harmonious and Latin music, sport Alzumba moved from dance halls to swimming pools, to increase the pleasure of swimming; especially for those who feel bored in swimming pools. Valzumba is a sport dependent on the performance of physical exercise is dancing to the rhythm of Latin music and Kalsalesa tango and samba.

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The origin of the sport goes back to South America, thanks in innovation to choreographer Colombian “Alberto Perez,” Vencian Alberto music bar your exercises fitness in one of his lessons Sports paid for the use of salsa music and Almarenga as a substitute for music usual in fitness classes, which increased vitality of the trainees and their activity, to start this sport Alzumba of Columbia and spread in different parts of the world.

Gold, harmonious and water
Zomba and multiple types Kalzubma “gold” are dedicated to the elderly. And Alzumba “harmonious and tonic” help with weight loss and strengthen the muscles of the thigh and arm.

The “Alokoazumba” means a practice Alzumba in the water, which is dedicated to exercise the muscles while maintaining the integrity of the bone, as confirming Alina Brenner specialized knowledge of the sport, she says, “Alokoazumba is a mix of fitness training, water and Alzumba traditional of dance salsa known progress right foot and then back left hand” .

To Okoazemba multiple benefits Ktencit circulation and exercise a lot of muscle Kaldhirain and legs to reach the muscles of the abdomen and back, according to Brenner also advises that the intensification of the exercises, because “the greater the intensity of exercise increased muscle training.”

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Great fun and ease of weight
And help Alokoazemba to burn 1,000 calories almost in a single session, the speed of training on the skill of coordination between the members of the body of 50 percent of the speed of training on the ground, because of the resistance of water in excess of air resistance by 12 times, which means an increase in the effort, as underscored one of the ladies practiced Alokoazumba “exercises are stressful, I try to, within the water faster more, what helps me to burn more calories.”

Alokoazumba exercises and keeps the integrity of the joints, especially for those who suffer from an increase in weight, as it softens the water pressure on the bone.
The lack of success in the performance of movements Alokoazumba accurately does not mean surrender, and every intern can do movements that suit them, Valmtah during exercise is more important than accuracy performance.

Bodybuilding tips and exercises to build muscle and strengthen

The road to a beautiful body
Body building through training of the muscles as possible for everyone, regardless of genetic differences
This can be achieved even in the age of advanced age.

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But one has to be clear and realistic in its goals before starting exercise, in the sense that Sa_khass calculate the time for training. Advised not to exaggerate the body building

The risks that accompany so many
Muscles without getting tired?
Device ” Bodyformer “, or mail to the muscles of the catalyst, coming from the world of physical therapy. The device “Power Plate “It is a process of space science

Can be found on these two technologies in a fitness facility, private, and can strain the body very quickly, in addition to burn fat and build muscle

Exercises for physical agility and muscle training with electricity

Tickle impact hydro-massage
During the first breakthrough in which they are to prepare the muscles of tension can determine the strength of electrical impulses, and this happens Baldbeb feeling, as if the muscle sleeper to wake up again.

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The coach initially moisten hyphens electric jacket hanging over the water, so that the pulses can be transferred to the major muscle group at best. The person feels cold and moisture Jacket with worn, but soon feel the heat after a few exercises, because the effect of exercise appear immediately.

“You cannot cheat,” explains Ontah Elrbruk smiling, and adds: “electrical impulses cause muscle if at all.” It is through the power supply is shrinking muscles, and thus are built and strengthened.

Even if the lie can do the exercises, but the best effect lies in the way the motor, when being athletic exercises, Ishnj muscles consciously, and raises the electric pulse of the effect of these exercises, in which a person feels it after a quarter of an hour.

In the event of a full body workout sweats one quickly, and notes the positive results quickly as well, as confirm Ontah Danlos Brook: “Our club members are telling us they feel better physical condition after three exercises, and they walk upright, and Bgesmanm feel better.” After about six or seven exercises one feels consolidating skin hands and pelvis, up the stairs and it becomes much easier.

It complements these exercises proper diet and regular exercise for blood circulation, such as running, swimming, come to a perfect result even with the weight reduction.

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But not limited to training enough EMS also confirms expert Klein Cooder, saying: “Every athlete Hao quickly to reach good results, if you train regularly, The muscles respond to exercise, regardless of how they were raised with.